The name is Katie, not that you care or anything. I am that girl who gets mistaken for confident. I am that shy girl who takes time to warm up. I am that crazy girl people stare at. I am that socially awkward girl in the corner of the room. I am tiny and I look younger then I really am. I am currently 18 and not living the life I thought I would have 10 years ago. Things never turn out as planned. I realized how cruel reality is but how good it can be. I’m not very big on labels. I hate putting labels on people but hey, everyone does it at one point in time. I don’t judge because I know what it feels like to be judged for who you are, what you think, and how you feel. I always listen to what people have to say and I am always there to help them. I know exactly what it’s like to not have someone there for you and it hurts. Everything bottled up inside, unable to tell anyone what’s wrong leading into something drastic. I tend to let people bring me down a lot. Every little thing people say does affect me in some way. I don’t do well in school because every negative comment gets to me. I have absolutely no motivation. I have nothing to keep me going and I don’t think I will ever find that something. I just wish everything could be a lot easier.