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Bad Intentions

You'll never know if you don't try.

I can’t wait to have a kid one day. When they get to the age were they want to build forts, and what not.
I just really love forts.

Posted 5 days ago

Dad, I just want to know where you were when I was growing up? Why are you here now when I’m already grown, ready to move out on my own? 

Posted 5 days ago
Posted 6 days ago

May your 1st apartment be your sanctuary




● no rodents or bugs

● no noisy neighbors

● no burglaries

● no mold in the air ducts or leaky faucets

Thank you for your prayers. 

All of this and please let my roommates not be trifling

Posted 1 week ago
Posted 1 week ago


A headache so strong you can sense Lord Voldemort.

Posted 2 weeks ago
Posted 2 weeks ago

  1. Mugger: Give me your purse! Now!
  2. Me: *hands over purse*
  3. Mugger: There's nothing in here but breadsticks
Posted 2 weeks ago
Posted 2 weeks ago
Posted 2 weeks ago